Month: September 2017

crontab truncates file path to 100 symbols

I use crontab’s ability to load it’s configuration from file in my deployment scripts. But today it refused to load the configuration due to inability to find the file, despite all permissions were correct for this file. Using stdin (cat $ABSOLUTE_PATH | crontab -) worked correctly, but I was curious why this happens in the

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nginx IP rules beyond DDoS guard

I use ngx_http_access_module‘s allow/deny directives to protect sensitive parts of my websites from public access. But if a website is protected by CloudFlare, or same-scheme DDoS protection/CDN provider, your nginx will get only CloudFlare’s IPs, so your blocking (or any another IP-based, e.g. GeoIP) rules will not work. This HOWTO is written for CloudFlare. P.S.

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