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possible workarounds of fortigate VPN client changing DNS server

Since VPN technology is used to connect sites and users, usually most it’s implementations provide an ability to change DNS servers to available on remote side. But not all of them are able to do this neatly and without breaking existing configuration. And if routing configuration works fine in most use cases, dealing with resolv.conf

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ansible template parsing workaround

Whilst trying to template a python script with ansible 2.4 I’ve got a weird error: fatal: [HOSTNAME]: FAILED! => { “changed”: false, “failed”: true, “msg”: “AnsibleError: template error while templating string: Missing end of comment tag. String: #!/usr/bin/python\nimport os\nimport json\n\nif __name__ == \”__main__\”:\n # Iterate over all block devices, but ignore them if they are

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