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hairpin nat alternative

Hairpin NAT (aka loopback NAT) is a technology used to resolve the situation when the resourse, usually web server, is located in internal network, but has an external IP address. It can be accessible from outside interface (in Cisco terminology), but since it has the same gateway as your machine (of course, I mean the

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atlassian crowd hangs on login after server ip change

Unlike other Atlassian products, Crowd has it’s server IP hardcoded in settings. So, if you have a timeout error on login (in my case it was 504) after server IP changed, you need to change it in file or /etc/hosts, depending on your configuration. Here are messages from crowd log file which describe the

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supermicro ipmiview mouse/keyboard issue

I’ve recently faced a weird issue with Supermicro IPMIView KVM console: I could use mouse and keyboard, but, despite all tries, no any (on-screen) button could be pressed. In other words, console ignored all mouse clicks and at least enter/tab buttons. Problem was solved by changing mouse into relative mode in uppper-right corner menu. And

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