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jenkins can’t connect to slaves after update to 2.55 or higher

Jenkins is a continuous integration tool, which is written in Java and provides very useful toolchain for DevOps software cycle. After update to version 2.55 my master server was unable to connect to it’s own slaves. I began receiving messages like this after an update whilst trying to connect to slave: ERROR: Connection terminated java.io.IOException:

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atop log does not rotate in debian stretch

atop is a sar-like tool which saves system diagnostic data and allows to view it if a fancy readable way. By default it’s configured to rotate logs every midnignt, but recently I found out that they aren’t rotating for a month, which made impossible finding any useful info: # ls -ltrh /var/log/atop/ total 7.8G -rw-r–r–

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improving openvpn client in linux: dns bug workaround and systemd service creation

Part 1, workaround According to bug info, there is an issue with NetworkManager, it doesn’t update client’s DNS pushed by OpenVPN server. If you are using the option of routing all traffic through OpenVPN tunnel, there are no another way but updating /etc/resolv.conf manually. But it, of course, can be automated. The main idea is

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